• Established in 1998 Processi Speciali is a specialized firm in CNC Machining, Shot Peening and Surface Treatments which provides services to Aerospace Manufacturing Industries.
  • The Processi Speciali team includes managers who are experienced the creation, development and management of processes, technologies, Customer Standards, Quality Assurance and laboratory activities in the Aerospace Manufacturing Industries.
  • At Processi Speciali we work in partnership with our customers, we support them in their growth and help them to achieve their objectives.
  • Total Customer Satisfaction is achieved by our people in our culture of continuous improvement in everything we do, delivering the services on time and to the specified quality which our customer expect.
  • Strategy:
    Offer a Turn Key Product,
    Advanced Technologies,
    Advanced Qualifications,
    Advanced Management & Full Service to Commitment in Special Processes & job (/project) management
  • Mission:
    Long Term Accountability
  • Values:
    Total Quality Management & Business Processes Management